Autopista Del Sol S.A.

The main purpose of the project is to ease the traffic entering Buenos Aires on the state roads and from the northern residential districts.
The concession includes the Avenida General Paz (24.1 km) and Avenida Panamericana from the intersection with Avenida General Paz up to Campana (61.3 km), and the sections to Pilar (24.4 km) and to Tigre (10.5 km), for a total length of 119.9 km.
The fixed-charge toll payments are collected at 19 toll stations, including 3 toll barriers on the motorway and the remaining 16 at the various exits.
The toll traffic is about 420,000 equivalent vehicles per day.
In addition to ordinary and extraordinary maintenance, the concession holder provides free first-aid and breakdown services for road users.