Yacylec S.A.

Three 500 kV transmission lines between the Yacyretá hydroelectric power station and the Rincón de Santa María Substation, 4 km in length each; the Rincón de Santa María 500 kV substation and yard (province of Corrientes); a 500 kV transmission line between the Rincón de Santa María Substation and the Resistencia Substation, of 269 km in length (in 1998 the line was sectionized to allow the linking with the Paso de la Patria Substation, located in the town of the same name in the province of Corrientes); expansion of the Resistencia Substation (province of Chaco); and the communication system. The 500 kV transmission line crosses the Paraná river on 5 steel pylons with a maximum height of 135 m. The maximum span between the pylons is 1,025 m and the river-bed is at depth of 15 m. On the rest of the line, 573 pylons were assembled, requiring 4,300 t of steel. The overall surface area of the substation switchyards is 25,200 m2, the overall surface area of the buildings is 2,850 m2.