About the company

Impregilo International Infrastructures NV is a company established in the Netherlands in year 1999 as an Salini Impregilo Group company predominantly spearheading the concessions business unit of the Salini Impregilo GroupSalini Impregilo Group’s value is tied to its history and origins as far back as the early twentieth century. The group is active in all five continents and is engaged in the construction of motorways, railways, hydro electric plants, Water supply systems, Fume treatment and Waste to energy plants, desalination plants, hospitals and car parks etc. thereby  underpinning development in many countries around the world with commitment to meeting deadlines, protecting the environment and deploying innovative technologies.

Today thanks to the groups business and organisation skills coupled with technical and financial knowledge, the group has a wealth of unrivalled expertise and experience in the field of Infrastructure development. 

Impregilo International Infrastructures NV together with the Salini Impregilo Group has extensive international experience in management of Build, Operate and Transfer contracts (BOT), public/private partnership contracts and other forms of mixed contract such as Design, Build, Finance, Operate (DBFO)

Impregilo International Infrastructures NV in coordination with the group offers expertise and know-how for the organisation of greenfield concessions. It uses financial structures on the project and export finance market, where it has stipulated finance contracts with leading international banks and multilateral development institutes (EIB, IADB, IFC, BNDES etc.). Impregilo International Infrastructures NV has direct experience in raising finance for projects as a bond issuer on the world’s top financial markets.

The Group has managed and financed concessions in Latin America, Europe and Asia, successfully handling the contractual, operating and financial requirements of each country and in each sector.

Impregilo International Infrastructures NV is a 100% subsidiary of its parent Messrs. Impregilo SpA with an authorised capital of 100 million Euros. Impregilo International Infrastructures NV was incorporated in the Netherlands in June 1999 by a deed executed before civil law notary in Rotterdam, The Netherlands.

The corporate seat of Impregilo International Infrastructures NV is at following address:

World trade Centre Tower A 12th Floor

Strawinskylaan 1205

1077XX Amsterdam

The Netherlands


The main objectives of Impregilo International Infrastructures NV are

  • The design, construction, operation, management and maintenance of concessions of transport infrastructures in its widest sense, the execution of infrastructure projects under “Build-operate and transfer” contracts, the execution of finance of infrastructure projects, including the execution of concessions of public or private works or of public or private services, both as shareholder or partner of the concessionaire company or of the joint venture and in some cases as a contracting party. 
  • For the above purpose, to borrow and lend monies, raise funds by issue of financial market instruments including bonds, guarantees, commercial papers etc. In general terms buy sell securities and enter in to financial transactions and bind it-self jointly and severally with or for third parties. Render services in the field of commerce and finance of medium to big size infrastructure projects under concessions.